Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with RICE

Disco night with your girlfriend – because she has been talking about it forever. You are so ready for this. Travolta who? You are Saturday Night Fever and Grease combined, and tonight… everything works!

You got your white bell trousers on and that orange shirt with the wide lapels that can reach the sky, you know, the one your dad had bought back in the something somethings. But you need to impress her with good some food and wine before you are off to the party. Wine, check! It is a Blanc de Noir made from Xinomavro. Only saying it out loud makes you look good and she is going to love that. Combined with the Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with Rice by a nice lady from Deli Blossoms in Greece called Sophia- made with loove just for you, your girl will fall head over heels for you on the spot. All you need to do, is pour a few lemon drops on top, serve the wine in the right temperature and, bam! You have it all. If she asks for bread dump her. Whaaat? You got the ring? Wait man, you only know her for seven years, are you sure you’re sure??

Don’t go popping the question in …such a hurry! 😊



Thessaloniki, Greece




Tel: +30 2310 685130







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